Cog Creative Space

Welcome to Cog Creative Space

Cog Creative Space is a shared studio space with eight creative professionals each bringing their own sense of style and skill sets to offer our clients all forms of photography.

Situated in Norwood SA, Cog Creative Studio is easily accessible and offers studio hire for photographic professionals.

Photographic Services on offer;

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Headshot
  • Architectural
  • Commercial
  • Product
  • Event
  • Retouch
  • Videography

Scott & Amber Veneer

Scott & Amber Veneer

Communication Republic

Videographraphy / Visual Story Telling / Film

Communication Republic believes in plain talking and clear communication, and the fundamental right of every Australian to receive information in a format they can read and use. If something is worth publishing in English, it should be accessible in Auslan too.

Our videos are functional, user-friendly, beautiful, informative, and sometimes funny. But mainly we design them to get the message across in the most effective and engaging way possible: we make communication simple.

With 25 years of experience in the film industry, and a lifetime in the Deaf community, Communication Republic helps you connect.

Grier Neilson

Grier Neilson

Bohemian Ekko

Portrait / Commercial / Event / Specialised People Photography

With a zest for life, the arts, beauty, authenticity, being a little different from the norm comes BOHEMIAN. An image taken to capture a memory which can be looked at over and over comes an EKKO.

Bohemian Ekko Creative Studio is all of this, Grier blends her artisan creations with her subject’s natural character to create story telling portraits for both business and personal expression. Grier’s “Feathered” artwork and exhibition not only shared women’s deepest characters through an image but also created an emancipating personal journey for all those involved in the process.

Grier has a history in photography, professional make up and the creative arts spanning over a decade and brings a complimentary skill set to the COG team. Her attention to detail, vivacious nature and positive energy comes across in all of her work whether its simple product shots, portraits or highly detailed artisan creations.

Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes Photography

Architectural / Industrial / Landscape / Commercial Photography

Peter is a highly accomplished commercial photographer specialising in architectural, industrial and landscape photography. With a strong interest in architecture and good design he is in his element photographing new buildings. “If I can help clients communicate the quality and beauty of a structure and its spaces then I’m happy” he says. A recipient of many industry awards, Peter was recently awarded the honour of Master of Photography by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography on the strength of his architectural work.

Sam Oster

Sam Oster

Silvertrace Photography

Portrait / Media / Arts / Commercial / Headshot Photography

With an array of talents behind her, Sam is the owner of ‘Headshot Laboratory’ and ‘Silvertrace’.

Highly successful in the media and the arts with an extensive portfolio behind her, Sam also takes center stage with her amazing technical ability in headshot and portrait photography. Continuing the accolade, Sam teaches photography regularly and is also the owner of Cog Creative Space.

Ben Liew

Ben Liew

Ben Liew Photography

Commercial / Event / Pet / Corporate Photography

Ben is the ‘can do all’ member of Cog, with an impressive and unwavering set of skills behind him, Ben’s work stand on it’s own as a highly accomplished commercial photographer. With his easy and friendly nature, Ben has been able to build a successful and well respected business.

With a few well deserved awards here and there Ben’s skills are rock solid. A highly respected mentor and advocate for the industry.

Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes

Creolumen Photography

Design / Fashion / Headshot / Retouch

Chris brings his passion and love for retouch, design, web development and photographic work. With an extensive background in creative industries and business environments, Chris’ skills extend beyond the confines of the camera and studio.

Working two day’s a week from Cog, Chris finds passion working in studio on re-touch fashion, beauty, test look, portraiture and headshot photography.

Complementing skills of the rest of the team, Chris brings a technical approach to his creative services and assists in the behind-the-scenes studio management.

To contact: or +61 417 834 909.