Portable Flash Intensive Workshop


Day 1: Learn to understand and use your flash in this one-day hands-on intensive workshop


Using flash effectively requires a solid understanding of flash principles like synchronization, exposure and quality controls. Use this session to get comfortable with your flash and practice using it both on and off the camera in both indoor and outdoor situations. Have a go at using a variety of single-light setups to explore your lighting quality in a variety of lighting situations.

This intensive workshop aims to lift your flash confidence to be able to handle any lighting situation. The workshop includes practical sessions and worksheets so you can record your settings and compare your results. This session is suitable for any photographer that wants to develop their confidence using portable flash style lighting. We will presume you already have a grasp on manual settings on your camera, and your camera has the ability to fire external portable flash units.

Day 2: Hands-on intensive workshop takes the basics to the next level

We will use multiple-flash setups and we will also explore a variety of styles in managing available light with your flash photography. This intensive workshop aims to help you craft the most sophisticated lighting for a variety of setups. Although we are exploring multiple flash setups, you can try out a variety of equipment options in the workshop before committing to invest in any more units for your own kit. We will have Nikon, Canon, Godox, Elinchrom and a few generic units available for you to explore. The workshop includes practical sessions and worksheets so that you can record your settings and compare your results. We will also work with high-speed flash to explore opportunities to capture movement and access shallow depth of field in bright conditions.

Portable Light1

Models will be on hand for shoots at the end of the day so that you can explore your ideas and try out a variety of techniques.

Day 1. Sunday 2nd October from 1000 – 1600  ($205.00)

Day 2. Sunday 9th October from 1000 – 1600  ($205.00)

The cost for the two days together is $380.00

Once booked, we will invoice you for payment. Please ensure you provide us all your details. Until payment is received, your booking will not be confirmed.

This workshop is facilitated by Sam Oster, owner of Cog Creative Studio and Silvertrace Photography and Headshot Laboratory. Sam has extensive experience working as a professional photographer within the arts, commercial and media industry. With artistic passion and flair, Sam also regularly teaches professionally in South Australia. To see Sam’s extensive body of work, head to her Silvertrace website.  Assisted by Chris Holmes (of Creolumen Photography), a retoucher, designer, portrait and fashion photographer, Chris regularly assists in the management of the studio and provides his technical assistance to Sam for large jobs.

Make your booking below. If you intend to go to both days, include both days on the date field.

Day 1. Sunday 2nd October from 1000 – 1600  ($205.00)  Day 2. Sunday 9th October from 1000 – 1600  ($205.00)


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