Small Flash Masterclass Workshops (April/May 2017)


Cost : $205 + GST

DAY ONE :: SUNDAY 30 April 2017, 10am – 4.30pm

One light :: on and off-camera

Lighting modifiers explored
Lighting modifiers explored
flash workshop
flash workshop at Cog Creative Space









Learn to understand and use your flash in this one-day hands-on intensive workshop. Using flash effectively requires a solid understanding of flash principles like synchronization, exposure and quality controls. Use this session to get comfortable with your flash and practice using it both on and off the camera in both indoor and outdoor situations. Have a go at using a variety of single-light setups to explore your lighting quality in a variety of lighting situations.

This intensive workshop aims to lift your flash confidence to be able to handle any lighting situation. The workshop includes practical sessions, detailed notes, and worksheets so that you can record your settings and compare your results. This is an ideal workshop for those who need to use flash for event photography or location portraits, and who want to regain control over their lighting. We start from the absolute basic and build your knowledge so that flash becomes less disarming as an accessory, and instead a powerful ally in your professional approach to any subject-matter.

This session will cover the following ::

  • Equipment overview – types of flash
  • Flash accessories
  • Flash Synchronisation
  • Flash Exposure (manual, TTL)
  • Flash Quality (bounce flash, using modifiers)
  • Lighting Ratios (flash : ambient) – controlling contrast
  • Off-Camera Flash synchronising & control
  • Worksheets and practical sessions

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Cost :: $205 + GST

DAY TWO :: SUNDAY 7th MAY 2017, 10am – 4.30pm

Multiple lights :: Special effects using flash :: High Speed Sync

This intensive workshop follows on from our first session and aims to help you craft the most sophisticated lighting for a variety of setups. It is suited to photographers who already have a grasp on basic flash principles and are wanting to get a more advanced understanding of how to use a flash creatively. Although we are exploring multiple flash setups, you can try out a variety of equipment options in the workshop before committing to invest in any more units for your own kit. We will have Nikon, Canon, Godox, Elinchrom and a few generic units available for you to explore. The workshop includes practical sessions and worksheets so that you can record your settings and compare your results. We will also work with high-speed flash to explore opportunities to capture movement and access shallow depth of field in bright conditions.

Rear curtain Sync / slow speed & flash
Rear curtain Sync Image by workshop participant Heath Raymond

Models will be on hand for shoots at the end of the day so that you can explore your ideas and try out a variety of techniques.

This session will cover the following ::

  • Overview of Supplementary / Alternative Flash Systems – Godox, Elinchrom, etc
  • Flash Power – battery packs etc
  • Off-Camera Flash with 2-Flash setups – ratios, synchronisation etc
  • Off-Camera Flash with multiple-Flash setups
  • Using Gels
  • Rear Curtain Sync & Dragging the Shutter
  • Multi-Flash / Repeating Flash
  • High Speed Flash – Hypersync, High-Speed Sync, HSS
  • Overpowering the sun with flash
  • Practical shoots with a model

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Day 1. Sunday 2 April  2017 / 10.00am – 4.30pm  ($205.00)

Day 2. Saturday 8 April 2017 / 10.00am – 4.30pm  ( $205.00)

The cost for the two days together is $380.00

Once booked, we will invoice you for payment. Please ensure you provide us all your details. Until payment is received, your booking will not be confirmed.


Bec (previous 2-day masterclass participant)

“Hi Sam and Chris.
I just want to thank you both for running this awesome two day course. I was always demystified and confused with the flash and because of that I steered clear and often avoided using it due to immense uncertainty. Now for the first time, someone has helped me make so much sense of it and I am so excited to use it more now and build my confidence further with it!!! Thank you so much! Sam you just explain such complex technical information so well starting at the basics…. It was a breath of fresh air and it has given my mind a clear foundation of solid knowledge to now go ahead and build onto further. You both were an awesome team presenting this content (both Canon and Nikon users) and able to share such a wealth of information from your own experiences and you were both able to educate us confidently about a variety of gadgets, equipment and useful tips. I learn so much! It was a bonus that the course was very hands on and a smaller group… You learn even more by doing. I would totally 100% recommend this course to anyone who (like me) felt uncertain and confused about flash photography. You have opened my eyes! THANK YOU BOTH so much!!!!”

Heath (previous 2-day masterclass participant)

“Thanks for running the course Sam & Chris. It confirmed for me that I’m doing some things right, confirmed that I was doing some things wrong & I learnt some stuff I had no idea about previously, but will use regularly in the future. Awesome!”


Sam Oster runs Cog Creative Space and has over 20 years’ experience as a working freelance photographer. She runs Silvertrace, servicing arts & entertainment clients (film & TV, dance, theatre & music clients) as well as commercial clients (product, event, schools & corporate photography). She also runs Headshot Laboratory, specialising in actors headshots and corporate headshots, both in studio and on location. Sam has a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours, Photography Major), as well as a Diploma in Photoimaging and a Certificate IV in WorkplaceTraining & Assessment. She has been teaching for over 20 years’, having taught extensively at the Centre For Creative Photography, The University of South Australia, Tafe SA and Carclew Youth Arts Centre.

Sam is a very passionate and capable instructor – she teaches using basic building blocks of knowledge building, adapting her sessions to suit the various learning styles of participants. She draws on her practical field experience and on decades of experience to teach clearly and carefully. Her classes are fun and productive, with hands-on practical sessions and immediate application of learning.


Chris Holmes runs Creolumen Photography, and is an experienced photographer and trainer. Chris also works at the studio specialising in fashion, event and portrait photography. He is the in-house retoucher and equipment guru. Chris will be assisting students throughout the sessions with his practical hands-on style of teaching. Chris is currently completing a Diploma in Photoimaging and has a Certificate IV in WorkplaceTraining & Assessment. Chris is a Canon user and is available to provide students with knowledge and hands-on access to Canon speedlights for the various practical sessions (Sam uses Nikon, Godox & Elinchrom). Chris and Sam work together to ensure that all students are supported and have access to a variety of equipment and experience during the classes.

Even though the class sizes are small, we have found that it is helpful to have more than one trainer to support students and answer questions. If you ask nicely, Chris will also be available as a model for practical lighting tests 🙂

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