Our Sprung Floor for dance photography

(posted by Sam Oster)

When we set up the studio in late 2014 / early 2015 one of the first changes we made was to modify the floor in the main studio. At our previous space the cyclorama was built directly onto a concrete floor, and it was incredibly difficult for dancers to do any prolonged dance work (especially jumps) due to how hard the floor was. I really wanted to have a dance-friendly studio (not just for the parties) so I decided to invest in a sprung floor. I bought the modular system from Show Works and captured the installation process (including the dance floor vinyl) in timelapse. We actually also shot a more in-depth video of the install process. Anyway, here it is for your viewing pleasure…

It’s been fantastic to be able to confidently work with dancers in the studio, knowing that they are safe and able to fully explore their movement for dance photography. Here are a few dance images shot in the studio..

Dance Photography by Sam Oster
Dancer at Cog Creative Space




































































Needless to say the sprung floor is really comfortable and lovely to work on. One issue we have experienced is that because of the movement of the floor, any high action shoots can cause light stands to wobble slightly. But we now have the ceiling-mounted lighting track so that’s not an issue at all – better still, we have more room on the floor to play, and no cables to cause any OHS issues. We are happy photographers with safe subjects…

Here is what the studio looked like when we moved in – you can see the studio before and after the renovations.

before the photo studio refurbishment





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