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We are currently working on our 2020 calendar of events. Here is a taster for what's going to be on the menu:

  • FRI 24 Jan 6pm // ARTIST TALK // Dave Laslett (TBC) // $10

  • THURS 30 Jan 5.30pm // BOOK CLUB // Picture Book Evening // Members Only - FREE

  • SAT 1 Feb 2-6pm // THE SHOWDOWN // Flash VS LED with gaffer Richard Rees-Jones // $55 TBC

  • FRI 28 Feb 5.30pm // BOOK CLUB // Biography & Book Making #1 // Members Only - FREE

  • THURS 5 March 6pm // ARTIST TALK // TBC // FREE

  • THURS 26 March 5.30pm // BOOK CLUB // Picture Book Evening // Members Only - FREE

  • WED 1 April 6pm // FILM NIGHT // 'Brief Encounters' - Gregory Crewdson // FREE

  • FRI 24 April 5.30pm // BOOK CLUB // Photo Theory // Members Only - FREE

  • SAT 2 May 2-6 // THE SHOWDOWN // Lightroom vs Capture One // $55 TBC

  • THURS 28 May 5.30pm // BOOK CLUB // Picture Book Evening // Members Only - FREE

  • THURS 4 June 6pm // ARTIST TALK // TBC // FREE

  • FRI 26 June 5.30pm // BOOK CLUB // Biography & Book Making #2 // Members Only - FREE

Stay tuned for the final program with all details confirmed - register for our newsletter for details about these and other events and workshops - see our home page for registration :)

B&W Film Processing & Printing - 1 day workshop

Darkroom Interior - Interior view of the Tintype Traveller mobile Darkroom
Darkroom Interior - Interior view of the Tintype Traveller mobile Darkroom

This session is for a MAXIMUM of 2 people. Bring along a roll of exposed B&W film (contact us to check for recommended films), and we will teach you how to process your own film/s, create a contact sheet, and select images for enlargement in our mobile darkroom. The caravan is based in the studio carpark, and it's a really fun experience to learn the intricacies of this traditional process in a small group. Once you have done this workshop you can book the darkroom for solo time whenever you like, to continue to build your skills and range of home-made prints. There's nothing quite like it!

COST: $330 per person (max 2)

INCLUDES: Training, Darkroom, neg sleeves, chemicals, equipment (you just need to supply your own film & paper)

Next dates - on request

BOOKINGS - contact

Small Flash Masterclass #1

Book online

Basic Principles of on and off-camera flash :: One flash

$225 + gst

  • 2020 dates TBC

Learn to understand and use your flash in this one-day hands-on intensive workshop. Using flash effectively requires a solid understanding of flash principles like synchronization, exposure and quality controls. Use this session to get comfortable with your flash and practice using it both on and off the camera in both indoor and outdoor situations. Have a go at using a variety of single-light setups to explore your lighting quality in a variety of lighting situations.

This intensive workshop aims to lift your flash confidence to be able to handle any lighting situation. The workshop includes practical sessions, detailed notes, and worksheets so that you can record your settings and compare your results. This is an ideal workshop for those who need to use flash for event photography or location portraits, and who want to regain control over their lighting. We start from the absolute basic and build your knowledge so that flash becomes less disarming as an accessory, and instead a powerful ally in your professional approach to any subject-matter.

This session will cover the following ::

  • Equipment overview – types of flash
  • Flash accessories
  • Flash Synchronisation
  • Flash Exposure (manual, TTL)
  • Flash Quality (bounce flash, using modifiers)
  • Lighting Ratios (flash : ambient) – controlling contrast
  • Off-Camera Flash synchronising & control
  • Worksheets and practical sessions

Small Flash Masterclass #2

Book online

Multiple off-camera flash :: Special Techniques & HSS

$225 + gst

  • 2020 dates TBC

This intensive workshop follows on from our first session and aims to help you craft the most sophisticated lighting for a variety of setups. It is suited to photographers who already have a grasp on basic flash principles and are wanting to get a more advanced understanding of how to use a flash creatively. Although we are exploring multiple flash setups, you can try out a variety of equipment options in the workshop before committing to invest in any more units for your own kit. We will have Nikon, Canon, Godox, Elinchrom and a few generic units available for you to explore. The workshop includes practical sessions and worksheets so that you can record your settings and compare your results. We will also work with high-speed flash to explore opportunities to capture movement and access shallow depth of field in bright conditions.

Models will be on hand for shoots at the end of the day so that you can explore your ideas and try out a variety of techniques. This session requires an understanding of the basic principles of flash photography.

This session will cover the following ::

  • Overview of Supplementary / Alternative small flash systems
  • Flash Power – battery packs etc
  • Off-Camera Flash with 2-Flash setups – ratios, synchronisation etc
  • Off-Camera Flash with multiple-Flash setups
  • Rear Curtain Sync & Dragging the Shutter
  • Multi-Flash / Repeating Flash
  • High Speed Flash - Hypersync / HSS
  • Practical shoots with a model

Tintype Workshop //
Location TBC

$350 + gst

  • Date TBC - please contact us if you are interested in booking in for an incredible experience - we only need 3 people to run a workshop and can schedule them on request.


In a time when the immediacy of digital photography has created a flood of expendable images, many artists have chosen to turn to traditional image making techniques. In this one day workshop, students will learn the history and basic practice of the 19th Century tintype process. In this hands-on class, attendees will learn to coat, sensitize, expose, develop and varnish aluminium plates to create one-of-a kind hand-made photographs. Students will finish the day with several tintypes created by their own hands and will receive a detailed handbook containing all the information they need to continue making tintypes on their own.

This workshop is suitable for intermediate to advanced photographers. However it is not necessary to have done any film-based photography before

Includes all materials including aluminium and processing chemicals, as well as a detailed handbook (information includes materials required, chemicals, recipes, techniques, troubleshooting, suppliers etc. Access to a suitable 4x5” camera can be arranged if required. You may want to bring along some interesting props to photograph. Remember that anything with text will show backwards on the Tintype though :)

These workshops are run for very small groups (max 4). We'd love to share the joy and thrill of making unique tintype images...

OPTIC Nerve //
Cog creative Space

Free Event

Copy of OPTIC NERVE 2018

  • Stay tuned for our 2020 program of events!

OPTIC NERVE is a program of photography-related presentations, discussions and professional development sessions - the program changes each month and includes things like photographer talks, sharing skills and ideas, discussing issues, and generally hanging out (BYO Drinks). It's a very casual and informal hang-out session at the studio.

If you have ideas for what you'd like to see programmed at Optic Nerve, please feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts.

Next Session ::