Terms & Conditions of Studio Hire

By booking space at Cog Creative Space, the Hirer accepts the following terms and conditions without exception.

Bookings & Cancellations

General Notes

Bookings are confirmed upon acknowledgement by email from Cog Creative Space. Until this acknowledgement has been received the booking is not confirmed. The Hirer is not permitted to sub-contract or sub-let the Studio or equipment to any third parties. The Hirer is responsible for all other crew or subjects required for the shoot - please ensure that everyone on your shoot is respectful of the space and facilities, and that they are kept safe at all times. Although you will have exclusive use of the studio booked, please note that there are resident photographers who may be present in their offices and in the common spaces during your booking. The kitchen, bathroom facilities and reception area are all shared areas so there may be people utilising those spaces during your booking. Everyone will ensure that there is minimum disruption to your event or shoot. Please be respectful of other people in the studios and keep loud music or excessive noise to a minimum if others are also working in the space. Cog Creative Space is not liable for acts out of its control that affect the shoot, such as power outages, weather or emergencies. In such cases, a portion of Hirer’s payment and/or a reschedule of the studio booking may be negotiated;

COVID-19 NOTE :: Please DO NOT book the studios if you have been overseas in the past month, or if you are a close contact of anyone with Covid-19. Please do not book the studios if you have any cold or flu symptoms or if you are unwell in any way. Please ensure that you sanitise your hands on entry and wipe down surfaces with the provided wipes before you leave. You have a duty of care to ensure that your cast and crew also adhere to this request. Thank you.


Your booking time includes all your bump in and bump out requirements which includes all set up and pack up time. OTHERS ARE ABLE TO BOOK FROM THE TIME BOOKING ENDS :) Therefore, please ensure you book the right amount of time. Please arrive on time and make sure you are packed up and ready to leave by your scheduled finishing time. Any extra time required over your booking time will be charged according to the rates listed on our website;


Failure to arrive (no-show) for a booking will incur 100% of the total booking fee;


We understand that cancellations are often out of your control - please submit in writing your application for cancellation. Please note, cancellations will not be taken over the phone, they must be requested and put into writing. Email cancellations to: admin@cogcreativespace.com;

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will incur a charge equal to 90% of the total fee;

Cancellations between 48 hours and 7 days notice will incur a fee equal to 50% of the total fee;

Rescheduled Bookings

Rescheduled bookings (due to unforseen circumstances) which are rescheduled beyond 7 days of the original booking will have no additional charges if the booking still goes ahead on the new date;

Access & Induction

Ordinary hours of studio bookings are Monday to Friday, 9.30am - 5.30pm. If your booking falls (or extends) outside of these times, you will need to be inducted into the studio space - how to locate lights, power points and special access, how to lock up, security etc. Please arrange with the studio manager as soon as possible to come in for a tour and for access details;


We do have a carpark at the rear of the studio, accessed via North St. The hirer should be able to get at least one parking space and if more are available at the time of your hire your crew and cast are welcome to park in the carpark - but please note that they may need to move if resident photographers require a space. Please do not park someone else in unless you know who they are and you can negotiate the timing so that everyone can get in and out as required;

Invoicing & Payments

Payment is required at the time of booking - thank you.

General Terms & Conditions


The Studio must be left the way it was found. Please Vacuum the carpet in studio 1 after your shoot - the vacuum cleaner can be found at the end of the corridor leading to the toilets. There is also a broom and a mop in the corridor. The cyclorama floor is made of soft vinyl - please sweep and then mop it to get rid of any markings made during your shoot. Please wash any dishes used, and place recyclable materials in the recycle bin in the kitchen. We have a compost bin for appropriate waste, located on the kitchen bench. Cleaning products can be found under the kitchen sink.

A $50.00 cleaning charge will be applied if the studio is left unsatisfactory.

Equipment Hire

Any equipment hired is not to leave the premises and must be used with care. The lights must not be used in a rapid-fire style or they will overheat and stop working - wait for the ready beep and take it easy - they will behave perfectly if not abused during the shoot. Please handle modifiers carefully and avoid putting softboxes face down to keep the white surface clean.

Any damage caused to the equipment during hire will be the responsibility of the hirer and you will be expected to cover the costs of repairing or replacing any damaged equipment.

Risk and Liability

The use of Cog Creative Space premises and equipment is entirely at the Hirer's risk. The Hirer hereby agrees that Cog Creative Space and all related individuals will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, injury or loss to the Hirer, their party or possessions whilst on the premises. Cog Creative Space cannot accept liability for loss or damage (including loss of earnings) incurred to the Hirer by circumstances that are out of the reasonable control of Cog Creative Space, including (but not limited to) power cuts, fire, flood, civil disturbance or industrial action. The Hirer acknowledges that there are risks to which they may be exposed by being present in the studio and that they will take care to ensure the safety of all involved in the event or activity related to the hire - please ensure that all cables are secured to avoid tripping hazards - take special care when using the ceiling mounted lighting system (especially with electrical cables) and avoid any over-hanging equipment. Cog Creative Space cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any equipment or personal property of the Hirer. No Hirer related property will be covered by any insurance held by Cog Creative Space. The Hirer is responsible for insuring their own equipment and personal property and that belonging to their clients, assistants, associated personnel and other third-party individuals.