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Book your Tintype shoot / experience at the Adelaide Steampunk Festival 14/15 September 2019

A personal wet-plate photography experience including production of your very own authentic 4x5 wet plate photograph including digital high-resolution scan of the completed image. The experience will take about 30 minutes and includes a personal walk through and demonstration of your tintype in production, from plate coating and sensitising in the darkroom, exposure (where you are in front of the camera), developing back in the darkroom and varnishing. Imagine and experience what an 1890s photograph took to produce, and have your very own image to take home with you. A truly unforgettable experience!

The Tintype Traveller is a mobile darkroom in a converted vintage caravan. It has been lovingly renovated and is a cosy, functional and well-resourced darkroom. It is used for our Tintype Workshops, as well as workshops in film processing & B&W printing.

The Tintype process is a wet-plate collodion process from the 1850s. The images are beautiful, unique hand-made photographs created in large format cameras. The process is extremely fun and accessible - our workshop will reveal how effectively you can learn the process to create your own incredibly special images. For information about upcoming workshops, check out our workshop page or sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page. You can also like our facebook page to stay in touch with the adventures of the mobile darkroom...

Watch Cynthia Gemus working in the Tintype Traveller in this wonderful short documentary exploring the creative process of Tintype Photography. Film by Oliver Davis.

Darkroom Interior - Interior view of the Tintype Traveller mobile Darkroom
Darkroom Interior - Interior view of the Tintype Traveller mobile Darkroom
Darkroom Interior - Interior view of the Tintype Traveller mobile Darkroom
Darkroom Interior - Interior view of the Tintype Traveller mobile Darkroom

Darkroom Hire - on site or on location

The darkroom is parked in the studio carpark at Cog Creative space, but it also travels to a variety of locations for workshops, shoots and events. The darkroom is available for hire - most photographers use it when it's located at the studio in Norwood. The darkroom is cosy but wonderful to work in - plenty of space for up to 2 people to work, and air-conditioned / heated as required. It has 2 excellent extraction fans & lightproof ventilation to reduce chemical fumes. You can book it for a full day or a half day. We can also bring the darkroom to you! It can be used for workshops for small groups and is perfect for demonstrations. The darkroom includes the following equipment:

  • 2 enlargers (35mm up to 5x4" negatives) with timers
  • Processing trays & tongs
  • safelights
  • Aircon / heating
  • Extraction fans (industry-standard)
  • A bluetooth speaker so you can bring your own playlist
  • Processing tanks, drying cupboard (basic), neg sleeves if required
  • Basic chemistry for B&W printing (developer, stop, fixer) & film processing can be supplied for $15 (for 1-2 people to use - contact us to discuss larger groups or workshop chemistry)
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The mobile darkroom is also available to move to your venue - the Tintype Traveller can be set up in any accessible and reasonably flat area. Preferably with access to a power point and an outdoor tap - however we do have a generator and on-board water storage with a pump if necessary. This darkroom is perfect for school excursions or artist retreats, or arts residencies. We also run photography workshops in both large format and wet-plate photography, as well as traditional black and white film processing and printing. If you would like any further information please get in touch with Sam or call 0414939768.

Here's a timelapse of the Tintype Traveller on location in the Flinders Ranges at a location workshop

Here's a video showing the darkroom exterior and interior - this was our first location excursion for the Shimmer Photography Biennale in 2016.

Booking Darkroom Hire (& tech support)

You can book darkroom hire directly from the link here . Once you click on the shopping cart, you will be able to select the date and time you would like, and the cost will update.

On-site at Cog Creative Space, Norwood::

Full Day (9am - 5pm) $65 + gst

Half Day (4 hours) $45 + gst

Off-Site (darkroom needs a flat accessible location with nearby access to an outdoor tap with running water, and a standard powerpoint - please get in touch to discuss your project and the nuances of having a ready-made darkroom for your use) ::

Transport & Setup fee $375 + gst (metro adelaide)

Per day hire $100 + gst

(off-site bookings can only be done via phone or email)

We look forward to supporting your analogue photography pursuits in the Tintype Traveller - if you have any questions or would like someone to take you through the film processing and printing process to teach you how to do it - please email Sam to discuss this - we are here to support, encourage and inspire you!

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