Studio Hire FAQ

Does the studio hire include any equipment?

Most photographers have their own lighting equipment that they bring to the shoot.

Check out "Accessories" under "Studio Hire" for a range of accessories to hire, either bundled with Studio time, or separately.

If you want a professional setup but are unsure about how to set up or use the equipment, please Contact Us for advice on desiging your lighting and accessories package.

Does the booking time include my setup and pack down time?


Be sure to include enough time for you and your crew / talent to arrive, unpack your gear, set up, conduct your shoot, and clean up/pack down afterwards. 

Once your booking ends, there may not be any extra time available if someone else has booked the studios. If you are unsure, please book extra time to ensure you have a relaxed shoot.

If your shoot goes significantly overtime, you may be charged at the base rate per hour for extra time. 

Not sure how much time to allow? Contact Us for free advice to plan your shoot.

Is there a makeup room / change room available?

Yes, each studio has a makeup area available for the duration of your booked studio time, at no extra cost. 

The Dayllight Studio has a makeup table with lit mirror. The anteroom to the Daylight Studio is included in your hire, and features a kitchenette and a changing booth. 

The Pro Studio may be booked with the nearby Pro Hair, Makeup and Dressing Room for the duration of your booking at no extra cost.

Additional time in the Pro Hair, Makeup and Dressing Room can also be booked independently of your Pro Studio time. 

Is parking available on-site?

Yes, we have a car park behind the studio, which can be accessed via North Street (pull in just past the large mural on the side wall of the studio). 

One visitor car space is included in each Studio booking.

If you need more than one car space per studio that you've booked, please let us know.

If our residents are out of the office we may be able to accommodate extra visitors.

Otherwise, street parking is available nearby on Charles St and Boskenna Ave. 

Are the facilities accessible for wheelchair users?

Cog Creative Space is actively working towards accessibility to everyone in our community.

Please reach out to us with any access needs and we will do our best to assist.

Access Guide

The studios are accessible for wheelchair and moibilty aid  users via the rear carpark.

Both studios, the Reception area, and kitchen are accessible via wide doorways.

The front entrance has two steps, without handrails.

Once inside the space, there are no further steps, though there may be some uneven surfaces (eg, at the edge of the Pro Studio's sprung floor).

Unfortunately due to the age of the building, our toilets feature narrow doorways and cubicles that may pose a challenge for users of mobility aids.

For those requiring a quiet space, we can offer our shared, private meeting room. If you will require this please let us know so we can reserve it for your use.

Are the studios sound proof?

Our studios are not sound proofed.

The Pro Studio has no windows leading to the street and is the best choice for shooting video. The Daylight Studio has both windows and rollerdoors facing the carpark/street, and tends to be noisier.

We have had a lot of very successful video shoots at the studio, but we do warn hirers that there may be times when there is outside noise that cannot be controlled. If you want to use our spaces for a sound-based shoot, please consider booking after-hours.

Do you have after-hours access?

Our studios are available to book after hours. If it is your first time here, you will need to attend an induction on-site ahead of your booking. Please Contact Us before booking in.