LED #2 Godox FL150R Flexible LED Light (11.8 x 47.2")


Useful for imaginative imagers makers who realise the potential of shaping their quality of light by literally shaping the light source, the FL150R Flexible LED Light from Godox is a lightweight fixture that folds down for storage and transport.

Measuring 11.8 x 47.2", an X-Mount Holder is provided for those who want to use it as conventional panel.

The light has a variable colour range of 3300 to 5600K, allowing it to meet the challenge of any ambient light condition, match other fixtures, or just be used to shoot creatively.

The FL150R has high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96/98 to indicate advanced accuracy in colour rendering. Light intensity is variable too, from 10-100%.

Both functions can be fine-tuned on the fixture's controller as well as adjusted at distances up to 98' with the included wireless remote.

There's also a downloadable GodoxPhoto app to allow wireless control from a smartphone. This light comes with the dedicated softbox FLSF30120 with a grid.


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