Full-Length Flash Bundle


This bundle offers the full setup for a full length shoot on a white background with flash lighting for stills.

There are 2 x 500w Bowens Monolights with barn-doors that can be used on the background, plus 2 x 500w Bowens Monolights for the subject.

There is a huge mega umbrella for contrasty full length broad lighting on the subject (this can also be diffused if required), plus a large softbox for subject fill.

All lights are have brightness control from full power (1/1) to 1/32 power, so that you have power the brightness of each element of your shoot. Ideal for commercial or fashion studio shoots.


Flash use requires experience with flash metering and flash synchronisation. You will either need a PC Sync port on your camera for a sync cable connected to the main light (the rest are synchronised by optical slave), or a wireless trigger system (transmitter and receivers) that will suit your camera. Please reach out if you need to hire flash trigger systems for your camera.

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