LED #1 Godox VL300 Monolight 300W


The Godox VL300 Daylight 300W Led Light is a lightweight and compact LED light source suitable for portrait, still life, and location photography, and also for video-based applications.

Hire one or two individual lights here, or see our separate listing for Full-Length LED Bundle for a great deal on a set up that also includes two flexible LED panel lights plus modifiers for a complete set-up.

The daylight-balanced COB LED features a CRI rating of 96 and TLCI rating of 95, producing highly accurate colour renditions and rendering extremely realistic flesh tones. The VL300 light body is operated and powered from an external controller, keeping it compact and lightweight. It features a whisper-quiet fan and an integrated Bowens-style reflector mount, making it compatible with a wide array of light modifiers.

The controller box contains dual V-mount battery plates, and an LCD display with intuitive controls and commands dial for making adjustments to the light body locally. Setting can also be adjusted wirelessly using the included radio remote, or by using Bluetooth-enabled portable devices with the GodoxPhoto app, available as a free download for iOS and Android devices.

Key Features of the Godox VL300 Daylight 300W Led Light:
* Colour Temperature: 5600K
* 0-100% Dimming
* Bowens Reflector Mount (modifiers available separately)
* Bluetooth and Wireless Radio Remote
* Controller Box
* Moving the V-mount battery plates and light controls out of the light body and into the standalone control box allow easily placing the light wherever it needs to be without the added bulk and weight of large V-mount cells. The controller box comes complete with a 4-pin XLR type power cable for easy placement. It features an antenna for the included wireless radio remote and a Bluetooth antenna for using the GodoxPhoto app on iOS or Android portable devices.

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